Secure and Timely Payment for all tradies works

The money is safely held while the works is being carried out, and released on the agreed date.

How does PayGuard work?

Once registered in the system, all you need is to submit a payment request to your Customers via PayGuard, including the nature of the job completed, the amount (total amount and deposit, if any) and payment date. PayGuard will ensure the money is paid in due course.

How can i get PayGuard?

PayGuard is now available on the google play store and as a web app.  Apple App Store version will be coming soon.

PayGuard's Benefits

No more late payment

You will receive the money as soon as it is due, so your cash flow is protected

No more chasing

There will be no need for constant reminders and chasing your customers to pay you, so you can focus on what matters

Your data is safe

Your bank data will be safely encrypted, protected, and will not be visible by your customers